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Your Comfort is Our Priority - Excellence in health care system

Our Doctors

Highly Qualified Professionals to treat you in the best way Possible.

Our Lab/Chemist

Highly Trained Professionals at your services for more Efficient and making Reliable Reports.

MediFree Digital

Integration among every single Doctor, Patient, Lab & Chemist of our Country on One platform

Our Team

Relentless commitment to Patient's Care

Dr. Peeyush Chatter

Director & Consultant

General Surgeon

Dr. Rajni Chatter

Senior Consultant

Obstetrician And Gynaecologist

Dr. Abhishek Mehta

Senior Consultant


Dr. Manish Meena

Senior Consultant

General Physician

Dr. Raksha Sharma

Senior Consultant

Obstetrician And Gynaecologist

Dr. S.S. Singh

Senior Consultant


Dr. Rahul Rajawat

Senior Consultant


Dr. Nisha

Senior Consultant


Dr. Piyushkant Sharma

Senior Consultant


सुविधाएं • Facilities

American Pattern पर Paperless Treatment का विकल्प

Laproscopic व अन्य Minimal Invasive Surgery

Central Oxygen Supply

कम्प्यूटरीकृत पैथोलॉजिकल प्रयोगशाला

अन्तर्राष्ट्रीय मानक अनुसार Labour रूम

आधुनिक नर्सरी with Natural Day Light

4डी अल्ट्रासाउंड (4D Ultrasound) मशीन

American Pattern पर बर्थिंग बेड ( प्रसूता के पास पति की उपस्थति )

दर्द रहित प्रसव (Painless Delivery) सुविधा

संतानहिनता (Infertility) का उपचार

किशोरवय से रजोनिवृति (Menopause) परामर्श व प्रबंधन

Cervical Cancer की जल्द पहचान हेतु वीडियो Colposcopy

VIP Suites

हवादार रोशनीयुक्त बड़े आयताकार कमरे

सर्वधर्म प्रार्थना स्थल

24 घंटे बिजली एवं अग्निशमन यंत्र से सुसज्जित परिसर

A step into the Digital Ecosystem

We're moving with the World!

Introducing MediFree- A Digital Platform creating Paperless Health-care Ecosystem in India, like USA, at ZERO cost. It is an integration among every Doctor, Patient, Lab & Chemist on a Single Platform and is highly convinient for you.

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Medifree Mobile App - Digital Healthcare Ecosystem like America, Now in India! but at Zero Cost

Everything, from your prescriptions to Follow up to Lab & Chemist are now Digital, Integrated & Synchronized on a single Platform of Medifree Mobile App

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Our Blog

"Old is Gold"

Thanks to those, who stayed more than 10 years with us and become part of our family.
cherishfull moments.

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21st oct, 2022 by admin

Gratitude and respect

Gratitude and respect to the specialist doctors who gave a new dimension to PMC with their skills.

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21st oct, 2022 by admin


We make a great team that sweats together, survives together, and wins together. We believe in the vision, harmony, and consistency.

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21st oct, 2022 by admin

Our Lab / Chemist

  • Certified Pathologist & Chemist.

  • Health checked Technicians and sanitized Laboratories.

  • Fastest report delivery.


We appreciate our Patient's reviews & thoughts, Thank You all for your words of Encouragement.

"Every staff of this hospital is humble. Lady doctor is too good..!!!"

Ganpat Yadav

"Best hospital for delivery, hyeginic and friendly environment. Just go their and chill, Madam and Pediatrician will remove Ur all fears.I am completely satisfied with services and their care"

Shamira Saini

"It was an amazing experience in PMC Kota, Nursing staff are very good. Doctors are very Kind & Helpful."

Neeraj Sharma

"Its vip category hospital. They are providing facilities of hospital with hotel. Good interior, hygienic and best Doctors."

Prachi Sharma

"I was admitted for my first delivery. Nurses are very caring and doctors are also very good. Hospital is clean and with good facilities."

Aarti Chaturvedi

"I like the staff. behaviour of those guyz are very humble and friendly. Doctors are also nice."